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Distance Learning

Distance Learning


Distance learning is becoming increasingly popular.  Just about every course out there these days, including NEBOSH health and safety courses, is available via distance learning.  It enables people to study what they want, at a price they want, when they want.  Distance Learning (DL) has been around a long time.

DL, simply means you are studying physically remotely from the institution providing the learning, rather than on their premises in a traditional class with a traditional teacher.

People choose DL for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Convenience
    It’s easy to access, there’s no need to go to a college (saves time and travel)
  • Flexibility
    The study materials are accessible 24/7 so you can fit study  around work and family life (though the reality is that you will still need to make time to study)
  • Price
    DL is usually cheaper than its classroom equivalent

With flexibility and self-study comes responsibility to organise yourself and commit to study.

Setting adequate time aside is critically important to be able to get to grips with the subject.

Because study can be lonely, we offer the opportunity for interaction with other students and the teachers on the programme. Usually there are forums, instant messaging/email, virtual class rooms or even occasional physical meetings, such as for revision.

DL is a credible choice for studying NEBOSH qualifications. It is affordable, convenient and flexible to suit the lifestyles of many students.  Don’t discount it – it may well be the right option for you.

HASS offers you a personal tutor, keep in touch days, revision days and the opportunity to have your completed work marked and guidance given.

We currently have an excellent pass rate for D/L students.  Contact Sharona for more advice

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